Caveman 1.0

For Windows CE (H/PC edition) released the demo version with 7 puzzle maze. Full version will be included 50 puzzle maze. This version of Cave man will support both Gray scale and Color H/PC.

ActiveTask 1.0

  • Small software
  • Palm utility
  • Easy processes shut down

QITimer 2.0

by Mark Maroon
imageA timer application that binds 4 timing functionality together: Stop Watch, Chess Clock, Alarm, and Metronome. Play up to 32 sounds simultaneously with this WaveMix library for Windows CE 2.0 and applications Bar that provides you an easiest way to launch your favorite programs.

Capsulix 1.0

by John Doe
imageThe most excited animate puzzle game for Windows CE 2.0. Order now get Capsulix 1.0 for free & Turn your H/PC into a pocket calculator. Puzzle game for Windows CE 2.0. (With 60 levels). Queen Image was establish by Nox, roP and their team in Thailand. We're the experienced developer in Thailand. In the past, we did a lot of products for world wide market but not in the name of us. However, list of our staff and their experienced will be found in the Web.

Chess Software News

by John Doe
imageThe World chess Cup was inaugurated by his excellency C Rangarajan the governor of Andra pradesh at a colorful function depicting the rich cultural heritage of Andhra Pradesh, Hon Governor C Rangarajan and chief minister N.Chandrababu Naidu sat down on a chess board and made the initial Move D4 as suggested by Reigning Champion Viswanathan Anand. The defending champions, Viswanathan Anand and Xu Yuhua were introduced to the dignitaries on the diaz.


The intellectual game of chess is known to have originated in ancient India. To play this game at its esteemed level, one should have mental toughness, coolness and balance. Now Chess is an international game played throughout the world.

It is our pleasure to state that, this Government headed by the Hon?ble Chief Minister, Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu garu, is hosting this prestigious International Event here in Hyderabad, before ensuing Prestigious National Games-2002 in the month of December. As a part of Youth Empowerment, this Government has formulated a New Sports Policy 2000, for social re-construction for personality development, and to improve the organizing skills visa-vis Sports infrastructure for the Youth with International standards.


Conducting such international events like this 2nd world Chess Cup here in Hyderabad will inculcate and imbibe the sprit of competitiveness among the Youth of the State Particular, and Country (India) in general. This Government is committed to guide the Youth to choose correct ways and means of livelihood.

What's on?

This esteemed event World Chess Cup 2002 - is one which will herald some of the biggest brains from around the world and which will emerge as a scintillating show of brains and wits.

Nullam vitae lectus

On behalf of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, I express my pride and delight in hosting this event, which will go down in history as a spectacle of wonder and an doe to intellect. As a State, we have always been committed to purse excellence in every sphere... education, arts, crafts, business, industries and sports. Chess, as a game that requires mental brawn is unrivalled in its supremacy of technique, strategy and analytical ability. These Qualities reflect the spirit and the vision of Andhra Pradesh, which makes us strive towards excellence in every activity we undertake.
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