Ramoji Film

Ramoji Film City is the largest, most comprehensive and professionally planned film production center in the world with state-of-the-art production facilities. It has surpassed the size and facilities offered at the Universal Studios of Hollywood. Located at an hour's distance from Hyderabad, the 10,000 million rupees Film City spreads over an area of more than 1000 acres.

What's on

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The fantasy world

by John Doe
imageA cursory glance at this fantasy world is enough to leave the visitors speechless and awe-struck. Tastefully landscaped, meticulously maintained, exquisitely designed with palace-like edifices, temples, beautiful rock figurines, shopping arcades, railway station, airport and all that a producer can dream of! All a producer has to do is - enter the film city with the script and the cast and leave with the completed film reel!

3D film factory

by John Doe
imageThere are 40 studio floors of varying sizes, as small as 20 x 30 feet and as large as 135 x 210 feet, and most are adaptable enough for filmmakers to create the settings of their choice. In the workshops of the Film City, over a thousand skilled carpenters, moulders and sculptors help art directors create truly authentic and unique sets. Using wood, fiberglass and plaster of Paris, these craftsmen have already created thousands of objects d'art in styles ranging from ancient Greek to Renaissance and ancient Indian to modern and abstract.

Hyderabad factory

by John Doe
image Ramoji Film City, 45 km from Hyderabad, is every film unit's dream come true. The 40 studio floors, a fully-equipped prop shop, a set design and construction division, state-of-the-art equipment, experienced production staff, and hi-tech digital editing, dubbing and sound-recording facility, along with luxury hotels, became functional in September.


The name of prop supply division is 'Parade'. This six-storey structure houses costumes, jewellery, furniture and appliances. Parade's inventory runs into hundreds of categories and amazing variety of objects, from flutes and fishing rods, Belgian crystal and bullockcarts to hammocks and horse saddles.

The furniture division, 'Harmony', has a pool of designers and carpenters who conjure up traditional Indian or pseudo Chippendale furniture, a Swiss chalet or a mahogany panelled boardroom.

3D Film City

Since the locations scattered over a vast area, the Film City has conveniently provided over 250 make-up rooms at various spots. "You can choose between air-conditioned deluxe rooms and economy ones, each one well-lit and comfortably fitted to provide the relaxed environment your unit needs," said Roy. "Or if your shoot so demands you can even use one of the mobile make-up rooms."

Beta film editors

During production and post-production the Film City, which employs 5,000-odd people, can support filmmakers with its own experienced staff of spot boys, electricians, carpenters and painters, even dancers and extras. The filmmakers can also draw an army of editors, recordists, musicians and sound technicians, film editors, Beta editors and dubbing artistes in the City to ensure that post-production runs smoothly.