by John Doe
imageKoneru Humpy made full use of her white pieces and scored a convincing win over Li Ruofan. Humpy now needs only a draw to move into the semifinals.
Irina Krush found herself in an untenable position before the opening was hardly over. Matveeva was up to the task and jumped at the opportunity, slicing off a crucial win in 25 moves. Krush need to strike back in the next game if she wants to stay longer in the event.

Anand moves

by John Doe
imageViswanathan Anand settled for a draw in the first game against Malakhov. He most probably had the coming game with white pieces in mind when he can have a go at Malakhov at his own terms. The game was a Catalan opening with Anand giving up a pawn to gain dynamic equality in the middle game. A queen and double rook ending arose and the draw was agreed to in 24 move.


by John Doe
imageCChoosing the Petroff defense, Rustam Kasimdzhanov signaled his intention for a peaceful result. When his unwilling opponent over-pressed in an equal position, Rustam struck back with some tactics on the kingside won a pawn to romp home in 58 moves.