World Chess Cup 2002

This esteemed event World Chess Cup 2002 - is one which will herald some of the biggest brains from around the world and which will emerge as a scintillating show of brains and wits.
Our vision is to make this World Chess Cup a benchmark in the world of Chess. And we are proud to create such an effective platform for more champions to emerge. A very existing prelude to the 32nd National Games to be held in December at Hyderabad, the World Chess Cup 2002 will definitely act as the spotlight for the state and for several players to come into their own in the global sports arena. I invite you to join the excitement and the cause for promoting of the noble field of sports.

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What's on WCC 2002

Hyderabad is a familiar landmark in the world of chess. As a state, Andhra Pradesh has always been committed in its attitude and consistent in its approach to the cause of sports and of course, Chess. We have successfully conducted several chess tournaments in Hyderabad such as World Chess Championship Quarter finals 1994 and World chess championship semifinals1995.

Anand qualify to the next stage

by Mark Maroon
imageThe Fifth round of the World cup witnessed drawing trends as players consolidated their point position and secure their berth for the next stage of the championship. Anand conceded a draw to Hichem Hamdouchi in a Caro Kann defense. The players were engaged in a classical variation and Anand was unable to attain a tangible advantage. Anand said that I was dictated by the logistics of the position. The exchange of major pieces led to equal position and the draw was agreed.

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Chess Victories

by Mark Maroon
imageFifteen-year-old Koneru Humpy gave notice of her growing stature on world circuit with a technically superior victory against former world No. 2 Nana Iosliani to make a flying start in the World Cup campaign. In the Queen's Gambit Exchange Variation, humpy initially thought that the game might just peter into a draw. But, once she came up with a brilliant move in the middle game - b5 , it really opened up the shaky black pawn structure. Not to let loose a winning chance, the Vijayawada girl from Andhra Pradesh, then came up with another master move by her clever exchange of white square bishop. As Koneru Ashok, her father and coach, rightly pointed out that importantly Humpy exchanged the light square bishop, didn't ease the pressure and came up with a brilliant display. "I just played my normal game, but was certainly waiting for the kill. I was looking for a victory though I was playing in a match of this level and against this opponent for the first time", she remarked. Iosliani was outplayed and had no option but to resign after 64 moves.

Software Skills

by Mark Maroon
imageViswanathan Anand and Vasily Ivanchuk made a cautious start drawing their games against Xu Chen and Ye jiang Chuan. Anand said "it was a nimzo Indian and I had no winning chances in the final ending". Ivanchuk said "It was a sharp line and by playing a6 and b5 the position was equal, However experts reckon that white could have played". Interestingly, Anand, Vassily Ivanchuk, Alexander Dreev and young sensation Radjabov Teimour, all playing black, played it safe attaining draws . The exception was Krishnan Sasikiran, who defeated Al Modiahki with black.pieces Anand was engaged in an 18-move draw against Chinese Jun Xu in Nimzo Indian Defence. Though Jun Zu had slight advantage, his c x d5 on the 11th move led to simplifications, which enabled the Indian maestro to go for a queen's exchange and gain equality on the board. With no scope for any decisive breakthrough, Anand accepted the draw offer from the opponent.

Chess Programming Basics

The strategy of obtaining a better stroke for game 2 - x players was described even mathematician Claude Shannon. We have to get a set of positions, moves from this and go all of them. Every position obtained as a result of progress must evaluate and select the best, t, f - best move. To evaluate each move, we call on our recursive function only for a different colour figures. Recursive deepening continues until the ultimate position is not found in a row (according to the rules of the game) or not yet exhausted depth miscalculation. In the end-points is called a function that returns a static evaluation of the position. In the simplest case - is simply counting figures on the board.

Did you know?

Currently, you can find many commercial chess programs plays like international masters,sample among them particularly distinguished Fritz, Junior, Shredder combined Deep epithet. They have achieved great success in chess competitions.

Chess Software Algo

In Chess 64 used methods typical of most chess programs. Thus, the algorithm is the basis of its analysis minimaksny to choose the course, the best for this position. It is done by searching the tree positions. It was seeking a fundamentally better position to follow the player who will make a move. At the next level of the positions during a search of a better opponent, etc.

Fun facts about chess programming

For a long time the existence of human chess perennial dream was to create an artificial enemy. For himself, for personal use. Thrust for intellectual competition with the dematerialized substance was immortalized in the ancient myths and fairy tales, but in real life she always upiralas in simple but intractable problem: the enemy should have artificial intelligence, or at least a semblance of it.

We were walking years, and here, a couple of centuries ago, seemingly appeared first breakthrough in this area - in Europe became serve people, representing the venerable public motorized machine, with no errors in playing chess. Alas, but the sensation was very short lived. At one of the parties odnorukaya mechanical machine suddenly ... Mary! At turned out, it became clear that it was within the inventor of this scam - engineer, severely disabled in one of the then war. Having lost both legs and a hand, he did not, however, lose the ability to play excellent chess and began to earn a living in such an original way.
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