Anand, Humpy in semi, Short bows out

Defending champion and hot favorite Viswanathan Anand made it to the semifinals with a well-knit victory over Vladimir Malakhov of Russia in the quarterfinals here at Ramoji Film City. The game was hard fought and it appeared that Anand was in some troubles. However in the post match conference Anand clarified that he was never worse in the endgame though it was always within the boundaries of a draw. Vishy now plays Dreev in the semi final.

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Alex Beliavsky

Slovenian Grandmaster Beliavsky put up a brave front after he had to part with a pawn against Rublevski. The endgame with Bishops of opposite colours had very few chances for the Russian and in the end Beliavsky got the draw he was looking for. Into the Semifinals as well!

Rustam Kasimdzhanov

Also advancing easily was Rustam Kasimdzhanov who did not face a big threat from Ye Jiangchuan of China after beating him in the first game on Tuesday. Kasimdzhanov was clinical in his approach right through and the pawn sacrifice that he made was another attestation of the fact. The game was drawn when Jiangchuan had no chances left. Kasimdzhanov will play Beliavski in the semis.

Dreev in semi-final

by Mark Maroon
imageAlexey Dreev qualified to the semis by defeating Nigel Short 1.5-0.5 in the tiebreak games. Earlier the two drew their normal game.
There was tie among British Grandmaster Nigel Short, Alexander Beliavsky of Slovenia and Ehlvest Jaan of Estonia who scored 3.5 points from 5 games. Similarly Rublevisky Sergi of Russia and whiz kid from Azerbaijan Radjabov with 3 points . The tiebreak were effected and after considering the individual results and utilizing the Koya system the Chief Arbiter announced the final list of qualifiers. Alexander Morozoveich and Rajabadov who have done well in top class events were surprisingly eliminated from the World Cup. Jaan Elhvest drew his final game to tie with short and Beliavsky however the Estonian lost out on technical counts.

Women's software

by Mark Maroon
imageIn the Women's section Li Ruofan of China forced Koneru Humpy into the tiebreak games but fumbled in the end. Humpy played too passively in the second game under normal time control and lost. Won the first tiebreak game and was very lucky to win the next when Ruofan blundered in a completely winning position. Humpy plays with Xu Yuhua in the semifinals.

Matveeva vs Krush

by Mark Maroon
imageSvetlana Matveeva did not give many chances to Irina Krush, black, and made to the semifinals with a draw. Krush tried very hard from the very first move but the solid play by white ensured the desired result. Svetalana and Stefanova will battle it out in the Semis.


Antoaneta Stefaqnova played a fine game to oust Wang Pin of China. It was a masterly handling of the king side attack that did the trick. Wang Pin did not have a solution after the Bulgarian shifted the rooks to the queenside.

Xu Yuhua

Defending champion in the women's section, Xu Yuhua of China defeated Subbaraman Meenakshi and entered the last four. Yuhua got a slight advantage in the opening and handled the complications favorably to romp home.